Top 5 Data Science Companies in India

Have you recently completed your course in data science? Do you have trouble deciding which organisation to work for first? The demand for data scientists has undoubtedly increased due to the growth of the data science sector. Therefore, this is an ideal time for you to start a career in data science. 

The following is the list of the top 5 Data Science companies in India that can help you launch your career. 


Accenture Accenture has made a name for itself by specialising in data-driven solutions and getting a lot of help from artificial intelligence and machine learning. Because it is powered by Accenture’s predictive analytics technology, the analytics division of Accenture Analytics is a great choice to work for a data analyst. 

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If you work at Accenture, you can work in Accenture Innovation Centres and Accenture Labs and become a part of the company’s global network of data scientists and analysts. 

Fractal Analytics

Since its founding in 2000, Fractal Analytics has grown to become one of the country’s finest providers of analytics services. With a global footprint and a roster of Fortune 500 companies in the retail, insurance, and technology sectors, this company is unstoppable. Fractal promotes creativity among all team members by encouraging its data scientists to develop original analytics strategies for the requirements of a diverse clientele. 

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The food delivery company Swiggy is expanding its IT staff rapidly. It has recovered and grown in amazing ways. Swiggy is the leading convenience commerce platform in India, prioritising technological advancements in logistics and customer satisfaction through innovative solutions.  

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Thanks to its robust machine learning technology and the gigabytes of data it processes every day, Swiggy offers millions of customers a fast, simple, and reliable delivery service. 

LatentView Analytics

Prominent clients of Latent View include Paypal, IBM, Microsoft, and Cisco. In order to assist clients in making the best financial decisions, predicting the newest revenue streams, and foreseeing product trends, it encourages data scientists to have a 360-degree perspective on every project. 

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Tiger Analytics

Tiger Analytics is a leading data analytics company in the world. Its headquarters are in the USA, and it was founded in 2011. They offer a range of choices for data analysis to different kinds of organisations. Market, risk, strategy, operations, and customer analytics can all benefit from their analytics services. 

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They collaborate with businesses such as American Express, PayPal, Cisco, and Intel. Despite being new, the company already has a large number of important clients.  

Final Thoughts

In today’s dynamic corporate world, expertise in data science is becoming more and more important for most in-demand roles. It enables companies to expand internationally. Even in the unlikely event that technology does eventually supplant human labour, data science will remain a lucrative career path due to the continuous growth of data. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Google hire data scientists?

Yes, data scientists are welcome to work at Google. In order to analyse data, create algorithms, and extract insights to enhance its offerings, decision-making procedures, and services, Google hires a large number of data scientists in a variety of teams and departments.

2. What is the data scientist’s salary at Swiggy?

In India, the average compensation for a Swiggy Data Scientist with less than a year’s experience to six years is ₹25.3 lakhs. The salary range for a Data Scientist at Swiggy India is ₹11.4 Lakhs to ₹40.0 Lakhs. 

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